• Cell culture agent
    Cell culture agent Cell culture agents are substances that provide an optimal environment for cells to grow. They can be used to make artificial organs that vary in shape and form for each organ and apparatus. Existing cell culture agents using materials isolated from sarcoma of an EHS mouse have a remarkably different composition from the human body, so there is a clear limitation in that they are materials impossible to be applied to the human body.

    INNOREGEN started developing its cell culture agents after receiving orders for cell culture agents using human-derived materials and silk sericin for a project promoted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.
  • Organoids
    Organoids Looking at the latest trends in organoids, there is a clear limitation in Corning's Matrigel, which was previously used as a culture medium. It is not clinically possible as it is an ECM derived from tumors in mice. Accordingly, the development of bioinks and hydrogels for producing organoids is progressing rapidly, and INNOREGEN possesses the best technology for bioinks that can be used for organoids.
  • Bone graft material
    Bone graft material We developed the world's first bone transplantation culture using 3D bioprinting. It is a technology that injects bone growth factors in conjugation with bioinks to properly position biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP).
    After a lot of research, INNOREGEN is able to implement bone regeneration stably and continuously, as BMP is released slowly and continuously upon the injection of a bioink optimized for bone transplantation with BCP and a bone growth factor.
  • Wound dressing material
    Wound dressing material INNOREGEN’s bioinks consist of gelatin, hyaluronic acid, and glycerol, which are human body-friendly and highly renewable.
    In particular, since they easily to bind to polypeptides such as VEGF when applied to wound tissue, significant effects on wound healing could be confirmed. INNOREGEN intends to commercialize this technology and present a new alternative in the field of advanced wound management.
    Wound dressing material
  • Soft implant for kidneys
    Soft implant for kidneys In the existing attempts at therapies for kidney regeneration, stem cells were mainly used, but our technology involves extracting a stem cell factor with proteins and injecting it into hydrogel and kidney parenchyma.
    The technology of soft implants for kidneys, which has already been verified through numerous papers, can be implemented with our know-how on the use of a stem cell factors and hydrogels that can deliver the factor to the renal parenchyma without damaging it.